We are a Russian-based programming company. We specialize in development of informational systems, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Content Management system (CMS), and other systems.

We have experience (8 years in the market) and reliability.
We can offer good prices. Please contact us for detais.
We work with open source tools and platforms, so you won't have to pay any license fees for software.

Low cost and high quality of our services allow us to perform as subcontractors. We are interested in agents and promoters.


One-time services
1. We can help you to choose open-source software according to your needs.
2. We can do php + mysql programming, site development.
2.1. We can tune up and install for you the open-source software of your choice.
2.2. We can develop a custom solution for you.
Continued services (monthly payment)
3. We offer ongoing support of online solutions.

CONTACT INFORMATION Our standard response time is 24 hours.
phone +7-812-930-36-63
fax +7-812-930-36-63